Complimentary Webinars

24 October 2017, Tuesday
10:00 AM – Central Daylight Time (GMT-5)

Duration: 60 mins



27 October 2017, Friday
3:00 PM – Singapore Time zone (GMT+8)

Duration: 60 mins



09 November 2017, Thursday
3:00 PM – Singapore Time zone (GMT+8)

Duration: 60 mins



16 November 2017, Thursday
10:00 AM – Central Standard Time (GMT-6)

Duration: 60 mins



For leaders who want to build a culture of service excellence:

  • Board Members, C-Suite, Managing Directors, Senior Vice Presidents, Country Heads, Region Heads, General Managers, Business Directors, Senior Managers.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why so many service improvement efforts fall short or simply fail.
  • How to build a culture that motivates service mindset every day.
  • The proven UP! Your Service methodology to build strong service cultures.
  • Four counter-intuitive strategies that are more effective than traditional approaches.
  • World-class examples from industries and companies around the world.
  • Next steps to build team alignment and gain commitment for stronger service culture.

“Excellent webinar. Thank you! Wish more people had the same
approach to service as you in the world. We can all play a small
part in uplifting it – and you are very inspiring in this field.”
– Managing Director


RonKaufman 02_cropped_onwhite
Ron Kaufman
Author of New York Times bestselling book – Uplifting Service
Ron Kaufman is a global thought leader, educator, and keynote speaker who specializes in building service cultures in the world’s largest and most respected organizations, including Singapore Airlines, Changi Airport, Xerox, AIA, Nokia Networks, General Motors, Johnson&Johnson, Coca-Cola, Marina Bay Sands, LUX* Resorts, Microsoft, and Wipro.


“I have learnt so much valuable information in the webinar and the key takeaways allow me to start cultivating a service culture right away.”

Program Committee Chair
Harvard Business School Alumni Association

“Ron is truly passionate about educating others on uplifting service and really opened our eyes to the little things we can change in our approaches that add tremendous value to ourselves and others.”

Senior Associate, Marketplace Development

“Ron’s energy and enthusiasm for service leaps off the stage. We are still talking about his presentation months after the conference.”

Office of Public Affairs
Stanford University

“Ron Kaufman’s passion regarding providing Uplifting Service is inspirational to anyone who is in the vicinity of his presence, even online presence!”

Vice President, Talent Acquisition
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