Service Leadership Workshops

Great Service Culture Begins with Aligned Service Leaders

Many senior leaders assume that service performance improvement only requires a frontline training initiative. This is a fundamental mistake. A strong and successful service culture demands the power of senior leadership that is fully engaged to share the vision, and aligned with each other to remove roadblocks, reward success, and role-model excellent behavior.

We work closely with leadership teams to dramatically improve customer service performance and build a strong service culture as a sustainable advantage. Our Service Leadership Workshop details best practices from winning organizations in many industries around the world. This proven customer experience and customer service leadership workshop includes:

  • overview of the service principles in Achieving Superior Service™,
  • introduction to The 12 Building Blocks of Service Culture, and
  • self-assessment on The Seven Rules of Service Leadership

The number of participants in your Service Leadership Workshop may vary from a small group (12-30) of your most senior leaders, or may expand to include a larger leadership and senior management team responsible for customer service, customer experience and service culture. Either approach can be highly effective in achieving your objectives, addressing your concerns, and improving the most important aspects of your organization’s service culture.

"Our leadership is impressed. Ron connects busy people, facilitates robust debate and provokes discussion with insightful questions."

— Nokia Siemens Networks

"Ron Kaufman has designed and delivered service improvement programs for our management, country offices, sales teams, ground staff, pilots and cabin crew. He helps us fly high!"

— Singapore Airlines

More Testimonials Here

“The level of enthusiasm in our management (after your sessions) to ‘Step Up Together’ is simply awesome, and even with our Union leadership and Board Directors. Stepping up the service culture of all 2800 people in Air Mauritius would not be possible without your inspiring and practical leadership”

— Air Mauritius

"The results speak for themselves - YTD Month 10 Revenue Growth 32%, 53% Gross Profit Growth and 52% Net Profit Growth."

— Xerox Emirates

“Watch your culture transform and your perspective on service change forever. Ron Kaufman has unlocked the mystery of service. Get ready for a magnificent journey into a new world."

— Marshall Goldsmith, Bestselling Author of
What Got You Here Won't Get You There

"Our last meeting featuring Ron Kaufman was a great success. There was a tremendous level of energy in the room and everyone left with new tools and ideas to use in their businesses and personal lives."

— Gary Anzalone, CEO Club of New York City

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If you are interested in organizing a highly customized, in-house Service Leadership Workshop for your leadership team, please contact us today.

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