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A strong and sustainable service culture needs passionate educators, coaches, and role models who live and apply the principles of uplifting service. Our Change Leader Certification Program offers a proven and highly efficient means to establish this capability inside your organization. Change Leaders become your internal team of service experts who encourage, support, and inspire others, bringing service performance to a higher level while bringing your service vision to life.

Key Responsibilities of Change Leaders

  • Be positive service ambassadors and successful agents for change
  • Conduct the 2-day workshop Achieving Superior Service™
  • Advise and support colleagues on service improvement projects
  • Collaborate with leaders to tailor workshops to address specific concerns
  • Share workshop suggestions, feedback, and action plans with managers
  • Share best practice examples and ideas with other Change Leaders

Our Change Leader Certification Process

The first step is selecting your candidates for training and certification as Change Leaders. We provide detailed criteria to help you identify qualified individuals at the senior, managerial, and frontline level. Due to the effectiveness of our video-based workshop design, Change Leaders do not need prior training experience. They do need the passion and aptitude to lead and encourage others.

Selected individuals take part in our Change Leader Certification Program (CLCP), an engaging 5-day event conducted by one of our Master Trainers. During this CLCP, they will be certified to conduct Achieving Superior Service™, and will gain access to ongoing support through webinars and discussion groups with the global Change Leader Community.
Certify Change Leaders


“Our Change Leaders are true champions who have an ongoing positive impact.”

— Soh Say Lim, Assistant Vice President, Parkway Health

“It has definitely raised my own awareness of how I provide service to my colleagues.”

— Radha Ravindran, Certified Change Leader, Temasek Polytechnic

“I have learned to set the ground for our participants to be active in their participation.”

— Salbiah Manan, Head of Branch Services, NTUC Income

“The effects of the UP! Your Service program have been transformative. Team members take greater pride in what they do, and customer response has never been better.”

— Julian Hagger, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, LUX* Resorts

“This program generated so many new ideas and opportunities that it was necessary to establish an UP! Your Service task force to prioritize initiatives.”

— Andrew Hurt, General Manager, Xerox Emirates

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