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DON’T BE CONFUSED! Service is the Foundation for Your Culture (not just one of the arrows)

By Posted on 6 April 2017

DON’T BE CONFUSED! Service is the foundation for a strong and sustainable culture – and not just one of the many arrows of interest in business. In this short video, Ron explains why service is […]

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Building Your Service Culture

By Posted on 14 February 2017

The CEM Telecoms Conference speaks with Jeff Eilertsen, UP! Your Service VP Client Success, to learn how companies can optimize service efficiency while also improving customer experience. Learn how you can achieve these goals simultaneously […]

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Service as Competitive Advantage: Creating New Value vs. Sustaining Predictable Results

By Posted on 19 January 2017

In a competitive global market where products are commoditized and speed of delivery easily matched, quality service is a key differentiator in every industry – including engineering, manufacturing, production, logistics, IT, and more.

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Five Problems to Overcome When Building a Superior Service Culture

By Posted on 21 December 2016

Watch Ron Kaufman speak about overcoming these five roadblocks (6 minutes) Leaders often make mistakes when building a service culture throughout an organization. It’s not an easy task. To develop a culture that demonstrates true […]

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‘Tis the Season to be Giving

By Posted on 22 December 2015

The end of the calendar is a season for celebration and giving of gifts across cultures and religions. Whether we celebrate the season socially, commercially, or spiritually, we understand this is a special time to […]

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Does Service Culture Matter in a Digital World?

By Posted on 25 November 2015

The focus on ‘going digital’ and ‘digital experiences for customers’ continues to increase at a rapid pace across industries. We often hear that in this age of digitization, “customer service” is becoming less and less important.

In our view, that’s because “customer service” is too often defined as the interactions between our frontline staff and customers.

We define service as “taking action to create value for someone else” – and feel that service is even more important now throughout an organization, because employees across so many levels and functions are involved in creating digital experiences.

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Engineering a Service Revolution: How to Build a Strong Service Culture – Fast!

By Posted on 24 November 2015

Four Rules for Engineering a Service Revolution Improving service quality in a large organization can be difficult – and it can take a long time. But we have experimented with many approaches for the past […]

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4 Rules for Getting It Wrong – and Getting It Right – in Building a Service Culture. Part Two

By Posted on 15 February 2015

This article cites research in collaboration with Professor Jochen Wirtz. (Read Part One here) Rule 3: Don’t take small steps. Instead, go big and go fast to create a groundswell of support for a service […]

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4 Rules for Getting It Wrong – and Getting It Right – in Building a Service Culture. Part One

By Posted on 10 February 2015

This article cites research in collaboration with Professor Jochen Wirtz. Building a superior and sustainable service culture is a vital and complex project that can deliver positive social consequences and lasting commercial results. Many elements […]

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Creating a Customer Focused Culture

By Posted on 20 January 2015

This article first appeared in Contact Center Pipeline, written by Susan Nash. Does your culture support the behaviors to deliver great service? There has been a lot of buzz lately about culture in the industry […]

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