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How to create loyal customers and brand evangelists in the travel and hospitality industry

By Posted on 3 May 2017

Our previous blog post demonstrated the power of customer voice in an unsolicited book review from a technology industry guru. This post makes the same point, but for the travel and hospitality – one of […]

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Uplifting Service – Book Review from Technology Guru

By Posted on 30 April 2017

Every once in a while someone takes the time to write an exceptional review of our New York Times bestselling book “UPLIFTING SERVICE: The Proven Path to Delighting Your Customers, Colleagues, and Everyone Else You […]

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DON’T BE CONFUSED! Service is the Foundation for Your Culture (not just one of the arrows)

By Posted on 6 April 2017

DON’T BE CONFUSED! Service is the foundation for a strong and sustainable culture – and not just one of the many arrows of interest in business. In this short video, Ron explains why service is […]

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Are you building powerful partnerships where you work?

By Posted on 14 March 2017

Each time you explore, agree, deliver and assure, the possibility for trust grows between you and the other party. In fact, this may be the only way human beings can build trust with one another.

1. EXPLORE: Find out what is important to the other person.
2. AGREE: Make a promise to do something on their behalf.
3. DELIVER: Do what you promised.
4. ASSURE: Check and make sure they are satisfied.

Are you building powerful partnerships where you work?

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How to Close the Gap and Capture Early Majority Supporters

By Posted on 4 March 2017

In my previous blog “Gaining Buy-In for Your Culture Change” I used a smooth bell curve to illustrate how leaders can systematically convert employees from Adversaries and Defectors, to Neutral and Supporters, and ultimately to […]

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Building Your Service Culture

By Posted on 14 February 2017

The CEM Telecoms Conference speaks with Jeff Eilertsen, UP! Your Service VP Client Success, to learn how companies can optimize service efficiency while also improving customer experience. Learn how you can achieve these goals simultaneously […]

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Service as Competitive Advantage: Creating New Value vs. Sustaining Predictable Results

By Posted on 19 January 2017

In a competitive global market where products are commoditized and speed of delivery easily matched, quality service is a key differentiator in every industry – including engineering, manufacturing, production, logistics, IT, and more.

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Fundamental Service Principles Create a Common Service Language

By Posted on 19 January 2017

Watch Ron Kaufman talk about this topic on video (3 minutes). I’ve seen many organizations invest years and spend a lot of money on service training for their employees. The intention is always the same: […]

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Five Problems to Overcome When Building a Superior Service Culture

By Posted on 21 December 2016

Watch Ron Kaufman speak about overcoming these five roadblocks (6 minutes) Leaders often make mistakes when building a service culture throughout an organization. It’s not an easy task. To develop a culture that demonstrates true […]

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Gaining Buy-In for Your Culture Change

By Posted on 16 November 2016

How can leaders effectively create a service culture transformation and ensure that all employees not only adopt, but also, embrace this change? Change can be disruptive and is often stressful. As a result, many people […]

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