Is your leadership team aligned?

To continuously improve service performance and build a superior service culture, you must come to agreement about what’s important right now. Is your team aligned?

Do you have a superior service culture?

Companies with a superior service culture increase customer loyalty, retain great talent, and differentiate from competition. How strong and sustainable is your service culture?

The Service Culture Indicator™(PDF) ranks service objectives importance, measures leadership team alignment, and evaluates your current service culture performance. The Service Culture Indicator helps leaders and organizations identify and achieve the most important improvements in the shortest possible time.

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Benefits of the SCI:
  1. Discover why your team members want to improve service performance and build a superior service culture.
  2. Assess your team’s alignment and evaluate the strength of your current service culture in five categories:
    Customers, People, Leadership, Processes, and Culture.
  3. Identify top priorities to drive your service improvement and culture building efforts.
  4. Receive customized reports, recommendations, and relevant resources.
With 30 years experience working with organizations across cultures and around the world, UP! Your Service developed the SCI to help leaders plan next actions with a proven methodology and a customized Implementation Roadmap.

“The SCI helped us see where we already agree as a team, and where we have work to do to make our culture of service stronger.”

– Global Director,
Fortune 500 company

The SCI Team Edition:

A powerful online tool to evaluate your leadership team alignment and service culture performance, with valuable reports, recommendations, and resources.

The SCI Enterprise Edition:

An enterprise-wide assessment of your service culture with customized reports, enabling resources, and ongoing support from UP! Your Service.

SCI report includes insights and recommendations

Your SCI report features easy-to-understand insights, customized recommendations, and valuable resources for your organization.

Clarify Your Objectives

Why do your team members see service improvement and service culture as essential areas for action? Which objectives do your people consider most important to achieve? The SCI reveals whether your team is – or is not – in agreement on these fundamental objectives.

Improve Alignment and Performance
Red, yellow, and green reveal where you have weak, moderate, and strong alignment and performance in five categories: Customers, People, Leadership, Processes, and Culture. At a glance you will see where you are already strong and where you must improve.

Prioritize Your Next Actions
Focus your efforts and prioritize your actions with customized recommendations to implement the UP Service Architecture, including Service Leadership, 12 Building Blocks, and Continuous Service Improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who takes the SCI?
Members of your leadership team across the organization. The SCI may also be conducted with larger groups.

How much time is required?
It takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete the SCI survey.

When do I get my report?
A full report with recommendations is delivered during the SCI Debrief session. Our team schedules the SCI Debrief session with the SCI Initiator and other selected members of your leadership team.

What happens next?
Focused conversations regarding report findings, recommendations, and customized implementation roadmap.

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