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Why is it called UP Your Service! College? There is a good reason!

Duration: 2:06

UP Your Service! College is a provocative name and was chosen for good reasons. Ron explains what each word means and why we put them all together.


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Customer service training or service education. What's the difference?

Duration: 1:13

Training requires clear instructions and delivers consistent service. Education builds a workforce that can think, decide and act in a variety of service situations.


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Fundamental service principles lead to a common service language

Duration: 3:03

Fundamental service principles apply to everyone from leaders to frontline staff. This improves communication between internal and external service providers.


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Five essential problems to overcome when building a service culture

Duration: 5:07

Ron discusses five common problems organizations face: training (only), lack of alignment, fragmentation of effort, legacy practices and attitude issues at the top.


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Culture Building Block #1: a Common Service Language

Duration: 1:59

When everyone uses a common service language, it becomes much easier for staff to communicate with each other and better for your customers too.


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Get better results through alignment of effort, not through greater effort!

Duration: 1:02

You don't have to work harder to build a superior service culture. But you do have to align your efforts to harness the power of what you are already doing.


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What is technology's role in providing superior service?

Duration: 1:46

Technology has an essential role to play: liberating people to serve with the kind of creativity, concern and commitment that only humans can provide to one another.


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What makes the UP! Your Service approach so effective?

Duration: 3:42

UP! Your Service takes a serious view of the fundamentals and architecture needed to engineer a superior service culture. Ron explains why this works.


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Your middle managers can make or break a superior service culture

Duration: 2:52

Why do middle managers deserve so much attention when you build a superior service culture? Because these team members hold a key to your success.


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Service culture is not only for retail and hospitality companies. It's for you!

Duration: 5:53

What is the foundation for a sustainable competitive advantage across industries? Ron discusses the impact service culture brings to every B2B and B2C industry.


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How do you build and sustain a superior service culture?

Duration: 4:11

Ron explains what it means to "Build a Superior Service Culture", and how this process can become real and effective for your organization.


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How can you make the best of your existing culture even stronger?

Duration: 0:57

Building a superior service culture can take the best elements of your existing culture - values, practices and make them even stronger.



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