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World Class Courses and Workshops

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World Class Courses and Workshops

Leadership Programs


UP! Your Service courses and workshops:

  • Are easily customized to suit your industry, your customers, your employees and your business objectives.
  • Deliver content and drive outcomes for all roles and functions within the organization.
  • Emphasize application to the job to ensure practical action steps are taken after new learning.
  • Are video-based and facilitated by Certified Course Leaders. This approach couples consistent delivery of key messages with effective face-to-face facilitation of exercises. (Effectiveness is not dependent on trainer quality from day to day.)
  • Use a blended learning experience that includes pre-class reading and video engagements, online group discussions, post-class resources and community support.
  • Can be delivered by your own Certified Course Leaders. Internal Certified Course Leaders are a cost-effective way to scale your deployment with greater flexibility and customization.

Course and Workshop Descriptions

Service Leadership Workshops

Engage your top team to ensure they understand the methodology for engineering your service culture, agree on the service vision, align on key priorities and commit to action as powerful role models in the organization.

Middle Managers Workshops

Ensure your managers understand the fundamental service principles and support their staff in building a superior service culture. The workshops are runs of the Courses outlined below, conducted specifically for Managers in your organization.

Course Leader Certification Program

Teaches selected staff from your organization to conduct Courses for their colleagues. These Course Leaders also become a team of internal experts who can act as powerful change agents to help you solve business issues and build a service culture.


UP! Your Service Courses

UP! Your Service courses are proven effective in many industries and cultures around the world, with video presentations and learning materials now available in 12 languages.


Achieving Superior Service™

(Course 100) teaches fundamental service principles to raise service levels and improve the customer experience at every point of contact.


Building Service Partnerships™

(Course 200) teaches how to add service value and build powerful service partnerships with customers and colleagues.


Increasing Customer Loyalty™

(Course 300) teaches how to increase customer loyalty, manage customer expectations and handle difficult service situations.

Learn how UP! Your Service works with you to deliver valuable business results.