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10 Reasons Why Customer Complaints Are Good News (Part One)

When things go wrong, your customers will complain. Surprisingly, this can be good for you and constructive for your organization.

Here are 10 ways customer complaints can benefit you and your organization.

1. Identify Vital Areas for Service Improvement

  • Customer complaints highlight key areas where your product needs improving, your systems need updating or your service needs upgrading.
  • Customer complaints can identify staff members who need more training, a refresher course, or closer supervision.
  • Customer complaints help you monitor service levels and consistency between shifts, departments, locations and teams.

2. Identify Needed Improvement in Policies and Procedures

  • Customer complaints help you identify where your current policies and procedures are inconvenient or unclear or simply not needed.

3. Improve Customer Communication

  • Complaints from customers can point out vital information that is lacking, erroneous or out of date.

4. Keep Senior Management Informed

  • Customer complaints often elevate important news straight to the top. Leaders and senior management learn quickly about service issues of importance to your customers.

5. Improve Your Service Education

  • Customer complaints give you valuable content and insightful case studies for your service education programs.
  • Customer complaints also provide rich information to publish for your staff members to read – with your replies, improvements and recovery action steps.

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Posted on 06 October 2010 | >>Comments
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