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What’s behind Ron Kaufman’s most popular keynote speeches?

by Ron Kaufman, Chairman, UP! Your Service
  Posted on 10 June 2014

In these short videos, Ron Kaufman explains the rationale, insights, and big ideas behind his three most popular keynote speeches: The Service Keynote, The Leadership Keynote, and The Culture Keynote.

You can enjoy a sampling of all three keynotes this five-minute compilation. Enjoy!

Launch from the Top Down and from the Bottom Up

by Ron Kaufman, Chairman, UP! Your Service
  Posted on 08 June 2014

When you build an uplifting service culture in a large organization, senior leaders must initiate the process. But ultimately all levels of leadership must embrace the project from the executives in the board room to supervisors on the shop floor.
This is why UP! Your Service recommends a simultaneous “top down” and “bottom up” approach to

Promote a Service Vision and a Common Language to Eliminate Culture Roadblocks

by Ron Kaufman, Chairman, UP! Your Service
  Posted on 08 June 2014

Disconnects can easily occur across departments, and between levels in a large organization. For example, managers may focus on service metrics, benchmark scores and share of wallet, while frontline workers talk about today’s schedule, a colleague’s problem, or an angry customer’s remark. Excellent service in one office may mean something quite different in another. For

The Six Signs of a Second Rate Service Culture

by Ron Kaufman, Chairman, UP! Your Service
  Posted on 22 February 2014

In our work with organizations all over the world, we encounter six signs of substandard service culture. Each of these signs can defeat the best intentions of service leaders and degrade the best effort of service providers. Do any of these signs look or sound familiar to you?

Building a Culture of Service Excellence

by Mandeep Chahel, VP Client Success
  Posted on 22 February 2014

We all live in a world of service. Most of our interactions involve serving others in some way. Service is simply taking care of the needs or concerns of those around us. We define service as “taking action to create value for someone else.” And we all want this. We expect it as customers.

“The Seven Rules of Service Leadership” – Live Workshop Keynote

by Ron Kaufman, Chairman, UP! Your Service
  Posted on 04 February 2014

In my experience working with leaders of many of the world’s outstanding service organizations, I have discovered seven essential rules these leaders always follow. Some leverage the power of one rule more than another, and you may do the same. But each of these rules is essential to lead your team to success.

In this video, captured live in a Service Leadership Workshop held in Abu Dhabi in the UAE, Ron Kaufman shares examples, ideas, and suggestions for putting these rules to work – where you work.

Five Major Mistakes to Avoid in 2014

by Ron Kaufman, Chairman, UP! Your Service
  Posted on 23 December 2013

2014 will bring changes, opportunities and dangers for your business. Industries are collapsing, careers are converging, and work is migrating or disappearing altogether. Each of us must orient ourselves in a world of constant disorientation, and find new ways to create value and provide service to others. Make the right choices and next year will be your best year yet. Make these 5 mistakes and things will be more difficult for your business and your life.

Leading from All Levels in Your Organization

by Ron Kaufman, Chairman, UP! Your Service
  Posted on 29 April 2013

If your company is going to pursue building an uplifting service culture, leadership must initiate and support the process. But service leadership must be extended and ultimately embraced at all levels of the organization. Let’s take a closer look at how to lead from all levels.

My Grandmother was unusual. Who was yours?

by Ron Kaufman, Chairman, UP! Your Service
  Posted on 27 March 2013

Unusual people and events have powerfully shaped my life, and the lessons I’ve learned from them are the roots of my unrelenting passion. My grandmother was my earliest inspiration. She taught kindergarten in New York City for 40 years, and when I visited her class, I felt like the most important person in the world. My grandmother made everyone feel like the most important person in the world.

A Personal Path to Service

by Ron Kaufman, Chairman, UP! Your Service
  Posted on 03 February 2013

For the past 40 years I have been on a mission to improve the world. The vision that motivates and sustains me is a world in which everyone is educated and inspired to excel in service to others.

In support of this mission, I have flown more than ten million miles, visited three hundred cities, and worked with businesses in every industry from high fashion to high technology, government agencies, schools, associations, and voluntary service organizations. I help people become better service providers, and help organizations build uplifting and self-sustaining service cultures.