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The Most Popular Blog Posts of the Year (so far…)

by Surbhi Dedhia, Marketing Director
  Posted on 30 July 2014

Here are the Six Most Popular Service Blog Posts of the year (so far). Each provides content and context with tools and tips you can apply right away. Take these now and share them with the leaders in your organization.

Involve Your Internal Service Providers from the Very Beginning

by Ron Kaufman, Chairman, UP! Your Service
  Posted on 08 June 2014

Where is the right place to start a service improvement program inside your organization? The answer may seem obvious. You start with team members who sell to and serve your customers. After all, customers are the ones who buy your products and use your services. They come back when they are happy and complain when

In the World of Big Data, Old School Customer Service Never Goes Out of Date

by Ron Kaufman, Chairman, UP! Your Service
  Posted on 20 May 2014

Today we use sophisticated technologies to learn a great deal about our customers. We track what they like, what they spend, what they search for, where they go, and how often they return. Yet despite all this new “big data” and the insights it can deliver, customers all over the world still appreciate “Old School Customer Service”.

These four “Old School Customer Service” techniques are time-tested, and they work as well today as they have for generations.

Excellent Service and Service Culture are Differentiators for Small and Medium Businesses

by Ron Kaufman, Chairman, UP! Your Service
  Posted on 11 April 2014

Article by Paul Godfrey, CPI Media Group
Service is simply the most important differentiator your SME has. It’s the DNA that permeates everything you do – and it can either make your business the unmissable provider of choice, or a company that’s perpetually struggling to retain customers. Is your business a service champion, rich with sparkle,

8 Edgy Quotes and Notes to Gain a Customer Experience Edge

by Ron Kaufman, Chairman, UP! Your Service
  Posted on 07 April 2014

The recent Customer Experience Conference in New York was one of the best I have attended, so far. The speakers and ideas presented were world-class. Enjoy this collection of quotes and notes from The Conference Board’s annual event.

1. “Can you summarize your service strategy in 35 words or less, and would your colleagues put it the same way?”

This question stopped me in my tracks. Everyone at UP! Your Service is committed to customers, to service, and to each other. But I’m not sure our team would pass this test with flying colors. Would yours?

Five Reasons Why Customer Service and Service Culture are Marketing Conversations

by Ron Kaufman, Chairman, UP! Your Service
  Posted on 19 March 2014

Mistaken marketing professionals believe that customer service is an operational issue. They think marketing’s job is to bring customers to the company and customer service is important only after their marketing magic is done. These misguided professionals focus with great intensity on brand building, advertising and promotions, but ignore the daily discipline of actually delivering excellent service.

Mistaken marketing professionals also believe that building a strong service culture is someone else’s job. They think that marketing focuses externally on prospects and customers, while culture is an internal matter, and therefore the responsibility of someone else, usually their colleagues in Human Resources.

These beliefs are outdated. This way of thinking is obsolete. Modern marketing professionals understand the vital role of service. And they understand that building a strong -service culture is a conversation that Marketing should lead.

Why is Uplifting Service so important right now?

by Ron Kaufman, Chairman, UP! Your Service
  Posted on 06 March 2014

Service is no longer a “nice to have”. It has become an absolute commercial necessity. In the past, giving good service was a merely a hygiene factor, something you must provide to avoid getting complaints and to keep the customers you’ve already got.

Air Mauritius’ Plan for Increased Profitability through Service Excellence

by Ron Kaufman, Chairman, UP! Your Service
  Posted on 03 March 2014

Air Mauritius is successfully executing a 7 Step Plan for increased profitability through service excellence

Ron Kaufman recognized as the world’s leading motivational speaker in the customer service field, was invited to Mauritius by the national airline, Air Mauritius, to lead a work shop on Tuesday. Executives and CEO’s of many of the top companies were

The Six Signs of a Second Rate Service Culture

by Ron Kaufman, Chairman, UP! Your Service
  Posted on 22 February 2014

In our work with organizations all over the world, we encounter six signs of substandard service culture. Each of these signs can defeat the best intentions of service leaders and degrade the best effort of service providers. Do any of these signs look or sound familiar to you?

Building a Culture of Service Excellence

by Mandeep Chahel, VP Client Success
  Posted on 22 February 2014

We all live in a world of service. Most of our interactions involve serving others in some way. Service is simply taking care of the needs or concerns of those around us. We define service as “taking action to create value for someone else.” And we all want this. We expect it as customers.