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Do Service Recruitment Job Descriptions Matter?

by Ron Kaufman, Chairman, UP! Your Service
  Posted on 01 September 2013

Guest Post by Tom Moran, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft

When you think of a great customer experience, why do LL Bean and USAA immediately spring to mind? What makes JetBlue so much better than United? Why is Apple such a customer satisfaction darling? What explains the difference between Amazon and, well, everybody else? The answer is complex, yet at the same time, simple – it starts with people.

How to Attract and Recruit the Right Service Talent

by Ron Kaufman, Chairman, UP! Your Service
  Posted on 02 July 2013

There is a time-tested maxim: what you think about expands in life, and what you focus on becomes clearer. What you see and say repeatedly will shape the way you live today and who you will become tomorrow.

You can apply this principle when recruiting new team members by following these four steps to hire the right talent for your service culture. Start by making it easy for candidates to consistently see, hear, and understand what your organization thinks about service.

Those who align with your vision and values will be drawn closer and want to learn more about your spirit and purpose. Those who think, feel, or believe differently won’t be attracted, and will naturally select themselves out. Both are positive outcomes for your culture and your future.

5 Tips to Showcase Your Service Skills in a Job Interview

by Ron Kaufman, Chairman, UP! Your Service
  Posted on 30 May 2012

Service is a key competitive advantage for companies in nearly every industry. Yet not everyone brings a proactive service mindset to the job. Are you applying for a job that works with customers directly? Or a role that supports customers indirectly? Or even a role where service to internal partners will be a key to success?

Here are 5 tips for showcasing your service skills in the job interview – setting you apart from the competition.

Selecting Uplifting Service Stars

by Jeff Eilertsen, VP Client Success
  Posted on 08 September 2011

A young man I have known for several years was recently hired to work the front desk at a major hotel. Based on my experience with him I know he will do very well in this position and business. In his short tenure he has already impressed his managers with his service to guests. Did this hotel get lucky or do they know how to find the best service talent?

Recruit for Attitude First!

by Wong Lai Chun (Global Master Trainer)
  Posted on 18 May 2011

Recruitment advertisements often emphasize the skills and experience required to apply for a job. This is understandable, but is also a mistake. Organizations should place more emphasis on recruiting the right attitudes during the hiring process. When you want to build an uplifting service culture, attitudes can be even more important than skills.