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Engineering a Service Revolution: How to Build a Strong Service Culture – Fast!

By Posted on 24 November 2015

Four Rules for Engineering a Service Revolution Improving service quality in a large organization can be difficult – and it can take a long time. But we have experimented with many approaches for the past […]

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New Service Culture Assessment: Does Your Company Share a Common Service Language?

By Posted on 7 October 2015

Download Common Service Language Assessment, includes 28 Insightful Questions Improving your organization’s service culture is a multi-faceted and long-term undertaking. One proven place to start is in building a shared vocabulary for service to focus […]

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Measure the Leading Indicators of a Stronger Service Culture

By Posted on 20 September 2015

Building a strong and sustainable service culture takes time. But leaders often want to know much earlier if their efforts and investments are working. So what is the first thing you can measure to see […]

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Revolutionizing Service Culture in the Healthcare Industry

By Posted on 27 August 2015

Why a Paradigm Shift is Needed and How to Get One Started What’s happening in the industry? In recent years the healthcare industry has undergone – and continues to undergo—massive changes. Treatment options have grown […]

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Are You a Compulsive Consumer or a Connected Contributor? (Part One)

By Posted on 14 July 2015

This post is from Ron Kaufman’s upcoming new book, The Joy of Service. The Consumer to Contributor Continuum People who live in developed societies are routinely referred to as “consumers.” From a business and marketing […]

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Are You a Compulsive Consumer or a Connected Contributor? (Part Two)

By Posted on 14 July 2015

This post is from Ron Kaufman’s upcoming new book, The Joy of Service. Read Part One now… Every time you consume something, you have an opportunity to connect and contribute to someone else’s experience of […]

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Transforming Service in the Telecom Industry: Why It’s Needed and How to Make It Happen

By Posted on 16 June 2015

Telecommunications companies used to be cash cows: massive, often government-linked monopolies that provided essential connectivity services and reliably churned out cash. But this world is rapidly changing, if not already gone.

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How to Increase Productivity and Improve Service Simultaneously (and Easily)

By Posted on 8 April 2015

Many people think of improving service and improving productivity as diametrically opposing objectives. Increasing productivity means doing more with less, which means reducing service levels. Meanwhile, upgrading service means doing more than before, which causes productivity declines.

These views may be common sense, but they are also incorrect. Improving service and productivity go hand in hand and are easy to accomplish when you have the right understanding of what service really means.

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Make ’Em Say Wow: Tips for Building a Strong Service Team—Part Two

By Posted on 24 March 2015

Your organization is going to get some sand in the gears, and when that happens, it’s your job to keep your people focused and enthusiastic. How do you do that? You find opportunities to educate. You recognize individual successes. You role model what needs to happen and then recognize when other people act as role models. You acknowledge service achievements.

Read on for six tips on how you can strengthen your team by keeping them motivated to provide uplifting service.

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Make ’Em Say Wow: Tips for Building a Strong Service Team — Part One

By Posted on 10 March 2015

In this two-part blog series, I’ll provide tips on how you can strengthen your service team.

Here, in Part I, we’ll take a look at the steps you can take to make it easier for your employees to provide great service to your customers or clients.

We love receiving great customer service. That’s no surprise. But did you know that great service can actually elicit a physical reaction? A recent American Express Service Study found that 63 percent of its 1,620 respondents said they felt an increased heart rate when they just thought about great service. And for 53 percent of those studied, great service caused them to have the same cerebral response that results from feeling loved. The trick, of course, is developing a customer service team that has the skills to provide such an overwhelming reaction amongst your customers.

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