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Short Video: The World’s Most Incredible Service Providers

by Ron Kaufman (Founder)
  Posted on 24 April 2014

Our definition of service is “taking action to create value for someone else”. Watch this short video to meet the most incredible service providers on planet Earth.


Are Your Managers a Roadblock to Successful Service Education? Ten Tips to Turn Your Managers into Champions

by Jeff Eilertsen, VP Global Service Education
  Posted on 22 April 2014

Who plays the most powerful role in a successful education implementation? The employees who are learning, the trainer who leads the class, or the manager of the employees?

Over 20 years ago two notable authors – John Newstrom and Mary Broad — published research that is still relevant today. Transfer Of Training: Action-packed Strategies To Ensure High Payoff From Training Investment

For leaders seeking to achieve large-scale service improvement with a powerful education program, this research is critical.


Top Twelve Quotes from the 2014 Smarter Services Executive Symposium in Boston

by Ron Kaufman (Founder)
  Posted on 16 April 2014

The “Smarter Services Executive Symposium” in Boston was a deep dive into the world of services, service providers, and field service engineers. The depth of sharing was impressive, as was the depth of expertise.

I gave one keynote presentation and took fourteen pages of notes. Here are my “top twelve take-aways” from the event. Which one is most relevant for you?


Excellent Service and Service Culture are Differentiators for Small and Medium Businesses

by Ron Kaufman (Founder)
  Posted on 11 April 2014

Article by Paul Godfrey, CPI Media Group
Service is simply the most important differentiator your SME has. It’s the DNA that permeates everything you do – and it can either make your business the unmissable provider of choice, or a company that’s perpetually struggling to retain customers. Is your business a service champion, rich with sparkle,


Believe in Good: A Heartwarming Commercial from Thai Life Insurance (worth watching)

by Ron Kaufman (Founder)
  Posted on 11 April 2014

Every once in a while a commercial company expresses the essence of our humanity – not only the desire to succeed, but also to be deeply fulfilled in our achievements. This commercial from Thai Life Insurance highlights the best of both.
Believe in Good. Enjoy.


Have you built a great Course Leadership TEAM?

by Mandeep Chahel
  Posted on 08 April 2014

Good Course Leaders know the importance of preparation. Good Course Leaders also know the importance of the application – linking the learning to action, and the action to business impact.

Good Course Leaders take pride in high feedback scores and evaluations. And good Course Leaders also take time, regularly, for self-reflection and “in the mirror” evaluation.

You may be very skillful on your own, but your company’s culture-building program will only be successful if you connect and thrive as a TEAM.


8 Edgy Quotes and Notes to Gain a Customer Experience Edge

by Ron Kaufman (Founder)
  Posted on 07 April 2014

The recent Customer Experience Conference in New York was one of the best I have attended, so far. The speakers and ideas presented were world-class. Enjoy this collection of quotes and notes from The Conference Board’s annual event.

1. “Can you summarize your service strategy in 35 words or less, and would your colleagues put it the same way?”

This question stopped me in my tracks. Everyone at UP! Your Service is committed to customers, to service, and to each other. But I’m not sure our team would pass this test with flying colors. Would yours?


How to Turn an Airline Flight Delay into Customer Loyalty

by Ron Kaufman (Founder)
  Posted on 03 April 2014

Each time a flight is cancelled, it’s an opportunity to irritate 300 captive customers–but it’s also a chance to turn them into understanding, passionate loyalists and recommenders.

A couple of months ago, I was on the wrong side of that equation…


5 Stealth Ways to Make Air Travel More Fun

by Ron Kaufman (Founder)
  Posted on 28 March 2014

This article was published by Chester Elton on LinkedIn.
I have flown millions of miles on several airlines, which means some weeks I spend more time in the air than on the ground.
While most of the time I find decent service on my flights, there have been a few trips where ground or flight crews


Delta Air Lines Keeps Stepping UP!

by Ron Kaufman (Founder)
  Posted on 24 March 2014

Delta Air Lines is one of largest carriers in the world, with more than 80,000 employees, 250,000 passengers a day, and 5,000 daily flights touching six continents. Enjoy this one minute UPLIFTING video advert.
UP. A short word, but it’s a tall order. Stand UP. Get UP. Step UP.
UP demands that you rise to